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About This Deal :

With this Waterproof Bag, your smartphone or tablet has the ultimate in protection from the elements: sand, water, dust and snow. In fact, the phone can be continuously submerged underwater up to 2m (6.6 ft)!


The bag is crystal clear on both sides, which gives you full touch access to all of your favorite phone features:


- Phone

- Internet

- Email

- Camera

- Music

- Video


So, you can take stunning underwater photos and video and share them on Facebook or Instagram instantly – while still underwater! 


This level of protection is crucial for a wide range of activities, including:


- swimming

- surfing

- rafting

- showering

- skiing/snowboarding

- at the beach

- in the workshop


Each bag is IP68 Certified – the highest possible rating for solid and liquid particle protection. You can read more about this certification here.


Protect your investment and get the most out of your smarphone or tablet with this MangoPango deal – available for a limited time.

FAQs :

Q: Are all the bags $6?

A: No. iPhone and Samsung bags are $6. iPad Mini and iPad bags are $8 and $10, respectively. Why? Because they are significantly larger. You will have the option to select your bag at checkout.


Q: Should I test this product before using?

A: YES! You should first conduct a simple in-water test by sealing dry paper or a cotton cloth inside the bag. Soak and shake the bag in water for 3 minutes. Wipe up the water and check the internal paper or cloth. If there is wetness, contact us immediately for replacement. We do not assume any responsibility for damaged devices, so please check this prior to using with your mobile device.


Q: Anything else I should know regarding warranty?

A: While these bags are super strong and have the highest possible seal rating for solid and liquid particles, we do not guarantee these cases against general wear and tear (they’re strong but can be punctured) or accidental damage. We recommend that you always insure your mobile device.

How to Order :

Click BUY NOW, place your order, and we'll ship your product(s) as outlined in the Purchase Details.

Purchase Details

Product ships within 10-15 business days of deal close. All prices in USD. Processing and handling fee of $3 + applicable taxes to be applied per unit at checkout. Additional shipping fees apply for non-US orders. Purchase is subject to our Terms & Conditions.

iPhone and Samsung models are $6. iPad mini is $8, iPad is $10.

Disclaimer: MangoPango is not responsible/liable for damaged devices. Please read instructions in FAQ regarding testing the product prior to first use and other important information.

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